IVAO Thailand ATC Operations Center

Welcome to the ATC Operations Center Thailand

The staff of IVAO is happy to announce the release of:
IVAO Virtual ATC Client (IvAc)

  • Full-screen radar display with (optional) moveable dialog windows

  • Visual representation of the Flight Plan

  • Cleared Altitudes/Flight Levels by ATC

  • Automatic and structured ATIS generation

  • Improved Screen and Text Graphics

  • Transparent Flight Strip Box, Arrival and Departure Box and CommBox

  • Automatic Server Locator and Team Speak Voice Channel Setup

  • The ProController sector files are still used in the first release for compatibility reasons

  • An improved CommBox with menu Tabs

  • Fast panning (dragging) of the map

  • QNH and current winds display

  • UTC clock

  • Fast zooming using mouse wheel or function key  

  • Four (4) customizable zoom positions (function key or button)

For more information click here

To download the Thailand IvAc compatible Sector file click here